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National Coordination and QA


National Coordination and Quality Assurance - Supporting Community Languages Education

The Project Plan is funded by the Australian Government through the Schools Languages Programme administered by the Department of Education.

The Australian Government has provided funding to Community Languages Australia to strengthen the national coordination and quality assurance of after-hours community language schools.


Community language schools play an important role in maintaining the diversity of languages and cultures in Australia. The learning of other languages during school years contributes to the cohesion of the social and cultural tapestry of Australia. Community Languages Australia offers options to communities who are keen to maintain their language and cultural heritage which are not available through any other system.

The Project Plan supports:

  • community languages education for Australian school students, improving those students’ learning outcomes;
  • community languages schools providing quality languages education to support the Australian Government’s languages education targets for Australian school students; and
  • The provision of professional development and training of community language teachers.

PROJECT PLAN 2019-2022 (EXTENDED TO 2023/2024)

The 2019-2022 Project Plan builds on the work undertaken over previous years. It is for activities and strategies being undertaken during 2019-2022 to support the following main key areas that each come with their own objectives.

  1. National Activities and Leadership
  2. Student Engagement
  3. Support for Community Language Schools

The Department of Education has agreed to allow AFESA-CLA to continue the original 2019-2022 Project Plan into 2023 as some activities were not able to be completed as originally planned due to the two-year COVID situation that restricted the opportunity to fulfil all deliverables.

The areas of focus for Extended Project Plan 2023 focused on the following:

  • Conduct Academic Forums
  • Conduct Executive Officer forums
  • Conduct Council Meetings
  • Organise and run the National Conference
  • Organise “Hearing Student Voices” Local and National Forums
  • Facilitate Network Meetings
  • Run the National Community Languages Schools Day Program
  • Consult on Accreditation Processes
  • Deliver Professional Development in jurisdictions
  • Collect Data on Jurisdictions

In 2024, due to the Project Plan being extended to 2024, AFESA - CLA will prioritise and facilitate the following activities:


a) National Coordination and Support

b) National Accreditation Standards

c) Child Safe Organisations

d) Policies and Procedures

Leadership and Representation

a) Leadership Network

b) Leadership Training

c) Languages Education Advocacy

d) Strategic Collaborative Partnerships

Member Support

a) National Circuit of Events

b) Quality Assurance Framework

c) Communities of Practice

d) Professional Learning Activities

e) Administrative Support

f) Child Safety Training

g) Communication Strategy

h) Language- Specific Networks

Sector Research

a) Statement and Strategic Positioning

b) Language Education Trends

c) Data Collection and Tracking

d) Student and Parent Voices

e) Language Resources


AFESA - CLA reports on the Project Plan to the Department of Education according to the milestones set in the Agreement. The Project Plan Progress Reports are being presented in a new revised format as agreed to by the Department.

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