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Fees, Payments & Refunds

Fees, Payments & Refunds

How much does the course cost?

Current fees are subsided and are $750 for Australian permanent residents/citizens. Full fees apply to people who do not meet this requirement.

There is an additional cost of $250 for resources and materials

Due to the current subsidised rate, further concessions are not applicable.

Refund policy

An application for partial or full refund of tuition and amenities fees will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • No refunds will apply once a course.
  • Refunds or partial refunds may be considered only in cases of extenuating circumstances but will need support documentation eg. medical reports.
  • All requests need to be submitted in writing within 4 weeks of withdrawal notice. Any written request for a withdrawal and/or refund will be assessed and responded to by the Executive Director within 20 working days. The student will be notified in writing of outcome of the refund application assessment.
  • where a student officially withdraws from a course (or part thereof) within three (3) weeks of the commencement date of that course. In the case of withdrawals from the entire course, the refund applicable will be the fee paid above the minimum. If the withdrawal is from part of the enrolment, for example if the student wants to move from full-time student to study part-time, the refund is applied just to the hours and materials, etc. that are no longer required.
  • If the student has paid a fee for tuition which is no longer required because of recognition of prior learning, CLA training will refund an amount equal to the difference between the tuition fee paid, and the tuition fee payable for the adjusted hours of tuition that are to be undertaken.
  • where CLA cancels a course a full refund will apply
  • where a student withdraws after three weeks prior to the course, a penalty fee will apply (as stipulated in the Fees, charges and refunds letter).

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